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Workshop Details

“Awaken the Olympian Within”

On your marks, get set...Go for the Gold!!!

John Naber’s exciting new interactive workshop brings some of America’s top Olympic heroes to your meeting or seminar. What would it be worth to your company’s bottom line, to awaken in your sales force or office staff, the Olympian possibilities that lie within each of us?

Program Rationale
A Novel Approach
Other Olympians participate
Turn-Key Program

Program Rationale

The four-time Olympic Champion and television broadcaster has been delivering a keynote address called “The Gold Medal Process: How to see your own dreams come true,” which teaches ordinary people how to accomplish extraordinary results in the area that matters most to each of them. Standing ovations and strong letters of referral speak to the powerful affect the talk has on his clients. Now, Naber announces the launch of this additional vehicle of motivation.

For decades, Naber has been aware of the power athletes have to inspire audiences across the country, and with the publication of his book, “Awaken the Olympian Within,” Naber illustrated the real value of Olympic sports: When watching professional sporting events, people wish they were better athletes, but when watching the Olympic Games, they wish they were better people.

A Novel Approach

Today’s meeting planner is looking for a novel approach to providing inspiration, enthusiasm and life-lessons to their meetings and conferences, and America’s Olympians are the perfect heroes to accomplish that task.

As a result, Naber has created a “mock-Olympics” that puts fun and enthusiasm back on the agenda, with a collection of competitive activities that do not require athletic skill, but do involve a steady hand, quick reactions, rational thought, group dynamics, following directions and thinking “outside the box.” These Games teach attributes like teamwork, tenacity, lateral thinking, problem solving skills, performance under pressure, risk-taking and resource allocation.

Other Olympians play along

These workshops also feature the participation of locally based Olympians from a variety of sports and Olympic years, “rubbing elbows” with each participant, while demonstrating the Olympic spirit of fair play, sportsmanship and the tenacity to overcome adversity.

Turn-Key Program

The workshop includes all the necessary Olympic atmosphere (flags, music, attire and even a genuine Olympic torch) and also provides the option of Olympic themed prizes and awards for the winning teams. It’s a virtual turn-key operation, specially customized to the needs of your group, that lasts from two hours to a half-day (or longer if desired). Of course all the Olympians are happy to pose for pictures or autograph copies of the book, and the entire program is facilitated by John Naber, to insure that the leave-behind value exceeds each client’s expectations.

Let America’s heroes motivate and inspire your people to “Awaken the Olympian Within.”

Arrange for an "Awaken the Olympian Within" workshop at your office or meeting place.

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