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Interactive Workshop

“Awaken the Olympian Within” Interactive Workshop

On your Marks...Get Set...Gold! Bring out the best in your people!

John Naber has created a “mock-Olympics” that puts fun back on the meeting agenda, with a collection of competitive activities that do not require athletic skill, but do teach attributes like teamwork, tenacity, lateral thinking, problem solving skills, performance under pressure, risk-taking and resource allocation. Local Olympic athletes join the fun as your team builds a level of trust and understanding, to increase productivity at the office, and for the rest of their life.

bullet Work alongside various Olympians, “up close and personal”
bullet Fun and challenging exercises with a purpose
bullet Olympic music, decorations, prizes
bullet Half- or full-day
bullet Turn-key operation, everything provided

What clients are saying about John Naber's "Awaken the Olympian Within" seminar:

Additional details on the “Awaken the Olympian Within” Interactive Seminar.

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