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Letters of Referral

“It’s been about a month since you spoke to our group, and everyday, I still hear people talking about your presentation and your book Awaken the Olympian Within. I think that’s a true testament to the powerful and motivational message that you delivered. I was most impressed with your ability to mold your presentation to match our current business issues, concerns and trends. Several comments from my group are paraphrased by ‘How did he know so much about Phoenix Contact?’. You did a masterful job.”
     Scott McLendon, Director of Sales - PHOENIX CONTACT

“Your message was timely, clear, and delivered with the energy and enthusiasm of a champion. Many of the attendees have told me that they were personally and professionally challenged by your message. Others told me you were the best celebrity speaker they have heard, and I would agree.”
     Kevin Tripp, Executive Vice President and General Manager - AMERICAN DRUG STORES (Savon & Osco Drug)

“I congratulate you on the extraordinary speech you gave at our recent meeting. As you undoubtedly have heard, the audience was overwhelmed by not only the substance but the style of your presentation. I agree. In my considerable experience, I have never heard a motivational speaker who incorporated the meeting’s objectives and major emphasis points into the message as effectively as you do. Your ‘Gold Medal Performance’ truly set the gold standard for motivational presentations.”
     Jim Westbury, Producer - DISNEY BUSINESS PRODUCTIONS

“We’ve had what I’d describe as ‘rave reviews’ about the meeting; something I’ve not experienced in my working career! I know we’ll call on you again in the future.”
     Robert L. Wuench, Executive Vice President - MITSUBISHI CATERPILLAR FORKLIFT AMERICA, INC.

“You really made a big hit with everyone by referencing specific situations and challenges we face at retail into your presentation. Reps commented to me later that your comments were right on target and encouraged them to work hard and reach their goals. Other companies could surely benefit from your presentation, but just not my competitors!”
     John Diehl, Director of Retail Service - MATTEL, INC.

“Your discussion on ‘Eight Steps to Gold Medal Performance’ was right on target… the Win/Win attitude you talked about along with your humorous Olympic stores will surely help all of us become champions in our personal and professional lives.”
     Joe Grimoldi, Category Space Manager - ANHEUSER-BUSCH, INC

“As usual, you exceeded our expectations! It’s always such a treat to have you at Synovus. We have had so many great comments about your presentation.”
     Nancy C. Buntin, Senior Vice-President - SYNOVUS FINANCIAL CORP.

“We have received feedback from many of our attendees and everyone was thrilled to have heard your message. Your guiding principal of ‘No Deposit No Return’ works. Your impact was tremendous.”
     Glen H. Blackston, III, National Sales Manager - MAINSTAY FUNDS

“…thank you for ending our meeting with such a wonderful presentation. It was exactly what we had wanted. We have had nothing but raving comments, so it will be hard to top your presentation.”
     Doris Clevenger, Director of Association Activities - SOUTH CAROLINA HEALTH ALLIANCE

"The `Eight Steps to Gold Medal Performance' combined with your incredible real life accomplishments as an Olympic Champion added up to one of the most motivational sessions I have seen in fifteen years of business! Your ability to understand our company and our goals, leveraged by your own personal achievements and experiences, fit perfectly into our overall business agenda."
     Scott Coleman, Senior Vice President, Professional Markets - PHILIPS NORTH AMERICA

"I am frequently asked by speakers we invite to address our managers and members of our sales force elite to write referral letters... as a rule, I do not... well, not this time. It is now months later (from your speech) and I want you to know I continue to hear your message on `No Deposit-No Return.'... I frequently see sales people with their sales goal for the year on a 3x5 card. Your message is a good one. It is energizing and memorable."
     Ian B. Patrick, Manager, Sales Team Development - BOISE CASCADE OFFICE PRODUCTS

Your upbeat message was perfect for our meeting... Your speech was right on target and well received. Believe me when I say our jaundiced group begrudges giving standing ovations - yours was well deserved."
     Raymond A. Valle, Vice President, Marketing - NORANDEX DISTRIBUTION COMPANY

"... I thought your speech that you presented to my team in Breckenridge, Colorado was spot on. The informal feedback from various members in this group was all positive; and they are a pretty critical group of consultants by nature."

"Just a personal Thank You for the great presentation... I have had nothing but positive comments from our folks indicating that they thought the delivery was awesome and the message it carried was so appropriate for goal setting and meeting those goals that each individual sets for themselves as a course for a career path."
     Bruce Los, Vice President, Human Resources - PRINCE, A JOHNSON CONTROLS COMPANY

"You were the best motivational speaker I have heard and you provided our people important tips on how to accomplish individual goals and quotas, both on a professional and personal level."
     Michael Bernique, President - GENERAL INSTRUMENT CORPORATION

"Your presentation was the highlight of our year. Your theme on Gold Medal Performance made us all feel we can be winners. Everyone felt uplifted and ready to take charge of their career and their life."
     Douglas Timmel, General Sales manager - AIR PRODUCTS

"Your talk was well received, as was evident by the standing ovation. We especially enjoyed the way you shared real-life Olympic and sports stories to illustrate the specific points of your presentation."
     J.Brett Balkenbusch, GCA, Regional Marketing Education Manager - FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP

"I've come to expect excellence from you, and you didn't disappoint me."
     Lutz F. Hahne, General Manager - IBM

"Your energetic speech was motivating and hit all the points and emotions that we hoped to accomplish. Even after you had gone, the company speakers who followed referred back to what you had touched upon."
     Jim McCord, Chairman and CEO - OACIS HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS

"My members repeatedly said how much they enjoyed your speech. You gave your all to make sure that our membership had the best possible Opening Speaker."
     G. Alan Whidby, Executive Vice President - FLORIDA PETROLEUM MARKETERS

"What made your speech really stand out was your ability to draw on your accomplishments and experiences and share with us how we, too, can accomplish the seemingly impossible. What made your speech all the more impressive was the obvious preparation time you put into tying Lawson's key messages into your presentation."
     Bill Lawson, President - LAWSON SOFTWARE

"I can honestly say none can hold a candle to how you were able to motivate a tough audience. It sounded like you had been a part of our company. You made me a star."
     Irene Cummings, Director, Customer Center - BULL WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SYSTEMS

"I've worked with a number of speakers in my 30 plus year career, and none were able to hold the audience as well as you; none were able to help reinforce our message as directly! Rest assured, other BULL companies will be contacting you for future engagements."

"Your eight step process for success really hit the mark and challenged everyone to deepen their commitment to the success of McKee Foods. It is certain to help us "Bring Home the Gold" this year for McKee Foods."
     Dan Jones, Sales Training Manager - McKEE FOODS

"I would like to thank you for a terrific speech. I asked our participants to rate each aspect of the conference and your Monday evening presentation received excellent reviews. The entire conference was a smashing success and your involvement was a critical element."
     Cheryl A. Sulborski, Vice President, Human Resources - ABB INC.

"Thank you for closing our business meeting on such a high note. No one could have done it as well as you did. You still look and sound like a winner."
     George W. Bentham, Senior Vice President - AMERICAN GENERAL LIFE INSURANCE CO.

"You did an excellent job of weaving the work we do into your eight step process for reaching personal goals."
     Steven N. Heller, Ph.D., Vice President - GENERAL MILLS, INC.

"You won another gold medal. You definitely knew the audience and what EQUIFAX is all about."
     Annette Prosser, Asst. Vice President - EQUIFAX

"Your presentation was very well received. The verbal and written comments were all very positive and universally it was felt it added a good deal to our overall program.. The participants were particularly impressed with how you had taken the time to familiarize yourself with the audience and how you addressed a number of their concerns in your presentation. I certainly recommend your presentation highly."
     William B. Balcom, M.D. - NORWICH ORTHOPEDIC GROUP, P.C.

"All in attendance rated your presentation outstanding. You are right on the money when it comes to preparing for success."
     Pat S. Campola, Vice President - ALDEN RISK MANAGEMENT

"You are the best motivational and practical speaker we have seen in six years of this forum. You spoke in a manner that made the audience want to listen to your message. You took the time to learn about PARAMINS, what makes us "tick", and then incorporated this into your presentation."
     Stan G. Tebbe, Vice President - EXXON CHEMICAL CO./PARAMINS

"Your speech was both entertaining and inspirational - a fitting conclusion to our day. You are going to be a tough act to follow for future events."
     Ryan Scholz, Director, Quality Management - WELLMAN, INC.

"We continue to hear rave reviews about your presentation from convention attendees. It was great, perfectly tailored for the audience, amusing and inspiring. Our challenge is to find an equal for next year's convention."
     Jane Robb, Marketing & Development Services - NATIONAL LIFE OF VERMONT

"Your message was the "hit" of the entire four day convention. You eloquently applied "Olympic" standards to sales and/or corporate endeavors for many of the CULLIGAN delegates. I have already applied your gold medal performance tips into my daily routine."
     Paula Burke, Manager, Dealer Marketing - CULLIGAN

"Your eight point speech was very well received by our sales organization and we enjoyed your humorous delivery! We all identified with your hard work; "No Deposit, No Return" policy."
     Steven T. Van Dorselaer, Vice president - HOUSTON CELLULAR

"It was especially meaningful since you were able to weave so many "Rexnord things" into your talk. "No Deposit: No Return" became our unofficial theme."
     Kristin Alderson, Supervisor, Sales and Marketing - REXNORD CORPORATION

"You did your homework and "personalized" your talk, fitting it well to our business. You'll be pleased to know that "No Deposit, No Return" has become part of our company's language."
     Gary W. Gonlag, Manager, Distribution and Sales - REXNORD CORPORATION

"Your presentation was an ideal complement to the business messages I conveyed. Thank you for sharing the spirit of the Olympic Games with us."
     Bob E. Dies, General Manager - IBM

"You gave the 300 plus management personnel of MASD, a lively and thoughtful treatise on the art of setting hard-to-reach but achievable personal goals. Speaking for all the management personnel present, we thank you for a very entertaining and inspirational evening."
     Wallace C. Solberg, Vice President and General manager - NORTHROP GRUMMAN

"It was obvious you were well prepared by the specific analogies you made to Northrop Grumman in the "Eight Steps to the Gold." We will have "No Deposit, No Return" forever etched in our minds and apply that quote in our daily lives. I especially appreciate being deluged with congratulations by my fellow club members for hiring you as a speaker."
     Glenn "Wink" Williams, Program Chair - NORTHROP GRUMMAN MANAGEMENT GROUP

"My expectations were high, but you exceeded them. The enthusiasm and applause at the end of your presentation was the greatest I have experienced in my many years of running these meetings. We will certainly recommend you to our associates for future meetings within AT&T and Lucent Technologies."

"I have heard nothing but positive responses. You blended the "Gold Medal Process" message with your Olympic experiences and just the right dash of humor throughout. General Mills is proud to have included you as one of our Wheaties Champions."
     John T. Machuzick, Vice President, Big G Division - GENERAL MILLS, INC.

"The feedback and compliments have been extremely positive. Your photo cards with your "Gold Medal Performance" and the "No Deposit, No Return" pins will serve as a great reminder to all of us."
     Jeff Rotsch, Senior Vice President, Big G - GENERAL MILLS, INC.

"What made the whole address genuine is your personality. The stories, and the way you told them, captured the attention and imagination of the entire room. I was impressed at how well you customized your speech to your audience, using terms and expressions that only our people know."
     Mary McGuire, CMP, Meeting Coordinator - METLIFE

"You took the time to review the group's goals prior to your presentation, and it really showed."
     Michael J. Vietri, Vice President - METLIFE

"The steps you outlined to achieving a "Gold Medal Performance" were right in line with our focus and objectives for the year. It is obvious that you view your participation as more than just a job. You embody your key motto: "No Deposit, No Return." You gave us a gold medal performance."
     Dave Leistikow, Senior Director - DSC COMMUNICATIONS

"Your presentation was tremendous! The response was overwhelming. Your stories fit so perfectly with our theme and I believe that everyone walked away with a new insight on setting goals and how important they are in every aspect of life."
     Brenda Smith, Sales Coordinator - CREDITOR RESOURCES, INC.

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